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收藏: A-la-Carte Menu

79 个产品
  • Chicken 鸡肉
  • Chinese Spinach 苋菜
  • Coconut Jelly 椰子冻
  • Crabmeat Fishmaw Soup 红烧蟹肉鱼鳔羹
  • Crayfish 虾婆 (Min Order: 2)
  • Crisp Fried Baby Squid 香脆苏东仔
  • Crispy Chicken 沙皮鸡
  • Deep Fried Fish Skin 炸鱼皮
  • Deep Fried Prawn Rolls 虾枣
  • Double Platter 双拼
  • Drinks 饮料
  • Dry Bee Hoon 干炒米粉
  • Dry Hor Fun 干炒河粉
  • Egg Plant 茄子
  • Fish Head 鱼头
  • Fish Skin Kailan 鱼皮芥蓝